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About Green Folk LIVE

Green Folk Live are the new and dedicated branch of the Green Folk Recruitment group set up to focus on our AV and Events clients and expand on our proven success in the sector. We offer  a bespoke talent partnership specialising in the audio visual and events industry, whilst continuing the Green Folk mission of championing sustainability.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the industry and proven record of success. Dedicated to a partnership approach tailored to your company values and goals.

Naomi Hart


Naomi combines a background in HR and Recruitment and applies her wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of the events industry, to engage with industry professionals, providing top talent to your company.

Beyond Our Professional Proficiency

We also bring a passion to drive the events industry to a greener future, improve sustainability, all whilst providing an unmatched talent sourcing, career advancing recruitment service. 

The Green Folk Group is a tree planting, bee saving, ocean cleaning carbon neutral recruitment partner dedicated to making your business a force for good through our “Fees to Trees” program and Planet before profit ethos.

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